• Only our guests pre-arranged day visitors will be allowed. See tariff for your extra guest for the day.
  • Arrival 14H00 - Departure 10H00 (please feel free to check with reservations if time can be changed)
  • Pets are welcome (unfortunately no cats allowed). However very strict rules apply. Maximum of 2 small dogs. If he poo you clean, no leg lifting to take a leak against any other guest belongings. Must not be a disturbance to other guests. Is not allowed to wonder around by himself. Must be on a leash. May not chase our wild animals. May not jump in the pool.
  • No LOUD music allowed in camp sites....  "By this we do not mean no music.... just keep it in your camping area and not for whole camping site to listen"
  • There should be silence after 22:00 (10pm) in the evenings "Those who like to hang-out till late... No problem... but please keep your voice volume button low"
  • Please take fellow campers in consideration at all times
  • No wood may be taken from the bush (Wood is for sale at the bar)
  • Ensure fire is put out NO open fires are to be left unattended
  • No flicking of cigarette buds
  • No littering - rubbish bins are provided
  • The animals may not be fed, disturbed, hurt in any way
  • Keep to the speed limit of 10km/h
  • No vehicles may be washed in the resort.
  • Except for the resort quad bikes used by the staff no quad bikes are allowed to be driven in the resort. Allocated quad bike parking will be given to those who wish to ride their quad bikes on the gravel roads out of the resort’s premises.
  • No parking in the bush.  There is allocated parking space for extra vehicles at the resort.
  • No playing in the ablutions
  • Parents must ensure that their children are aware of all the rules and that they obey them please
  • No own beverages are allowed at the bar and restaurant area
  • No under 18's allowed in the Bar
  • Credit or Debit Card payments available
  • No cheques accepted
  • The owner/manager reserves the right to address undesirable behavior and, if necessary, to prohibit the person from the premises without refund
  • An indemnity form will be handed to the main reservation guest that must be signed by all guest on arrival


Anyone entering these premises including the grounds and/or participates in any activity/entertainment; do so entirely at their own risk.  Everyone else connected therewith shall have no liability whatsoever for any injury to or death of any person, or loss of or damage to any property, howsoever caused even arising from negligence of any degree